Grow your own flowers, herbs, and vegetables from seed. Develop a harvest, according to your schedule. Skip an expensive trip to the nursery to buy costly starts and reap the health advantages of improving your diet with homegrown vegetables. Gardening is an activity you can enjoy together as a family, and it’s proven to reduce stress & enhance your quality of life.




Our farmhouses are unique, of the highest quality, and built by dedicated craftsmen to your exacting specifications and sense of style – as well as your commitment to sustainability and healthy living. My Urban Farm is designed to match your property, includes a sunroom/leisure space, and most certainly adds value to your home. You’ll enjoy this outdoor oasis for decades to come.


Flora, Fauna, Urbana!


With Your Urban Farm, you can raise chickens and enjoy fresh organic eggs daily. These animals not only make excellent pets, they can help teach children about responsibility and care for the environment and its many inhabitants. Having fowl on your property is ideal for weed and pest control, and their droppings are a great natural fertilizer that won’t negatively affect the soil like chemicals will.



My Urban Farm LLC

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Salt Lake City, Ut  84105

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Cultivate a sustainable lifestyle – wherever you call home.